Hey Ladies! Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been asking myself more and more as I get into my late twenties.

When is a clothing item worth the splurge? This conversation goes hand in hand with the idea of closet staples. If an item meets your “staple item” criteria, it would be smart to spend a little more money on it. I believe closet staples vary from person to person based on personal style. Whenever you see those “essential wardrobe items” lists, make sure you take into account what you wear – even if that means making your own list. For me, booties and great skinny jeans would be on that list. A neutral colored jacket in a timeless cut would definitely make that list, too. I’ve included some of my recent splurges in this post so you can see what I look for when investing. Buying something more expensive can actually be a really great thing! You’ll instantly feel better when you wear it, feel more confident, and live life fuller while wearing it.

dsc03388These Frye Madeline Booties are a gorgeous color and a great heel height

Ask yourself: is my style classic, edgy, romantic, bohemian, sophisticated, etc.? Sure, a blazer can be a great component to one’s wardrobe, but if you lean towards a bohemian style, are you really going to wear it? Pieces are worth the splurge depending on how often you are going to wear them and how long they’ll stay in style. If it’s a trendier piece, I always advocate to get those inexpensively at a place like Forever 21. If I want a lasting addition to my wardrobe, I’ll usually look at stores like Revolve, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie.

What sold me on this Anthropologie Silk Blouse (on sale now!) was the cut and the material. I feel so luxurious when I wear silk and I know it will always fall beautifully when worn.

Fit is another very important component to deciding if it’s worth the splurge. Being petite, it’s often difficult for me to find jackets and coats that fit properly. This is one of the big reasons I shop at Anthropologie. They’re clothes are such high quality and they offer so many of their items in petite sizes. I’d say at least half of the jackets/coats in my closet are from Anthro.

The color of this Anthropologie Dara Vegan Leather Jacket complements my skin tone nicely and works with so many other colors.

I tend to splurge on jackets/coats, shoes, denim, and a top every now and then. For the first three on that list, quality and fit is paramount. When it comes to tops, I am so drawn to unique cuts and prints. I’ll usually buy a more expensive top if I feel like it really stands out from the other pieces in my wardrobe.


I’m obsessed with the toe on these booties! And the sheen on these skinnies is so gorgeous!

All in all, I think the important questions to ask yourself are: Does this item complement my wardrobe? How often will I wear it? Does it fit properly?



What do you guys splurge on? I’d love to hear!!  And as always, thanks for stopping by!

Melissa ♥

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