Hey Everyone! Welcome back! Today I’ll be sharing my top 4 styling tips. These tips are easy for anyone to incorporate and will effortlessly elevate your look.

Before I get into my tips, I want to lay out a few rules everyone should follow no matter what.

  1. Is your outfit flattering? This is probably the most difficult rule for me to abide by, but at the same time, the rule I always want to follow. Proportions need to be correct and the outfit should always accentuate the body parts you love. Examples: define your waist, wear a slim fitted top with a looser bottom, nothing too long for your height, etc.
  2. Edit yourself. Coco Chanel once said, “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” Try not to overdo the accessories and take an honest look in the mirror before you leave the house. Would it look better without this second necklace? Is the hat adding or detracting from the overall aesthetic?
  3. No wrinkles. The best thing I ever did was invest in this steamer. It’s way easier and quicker than ironing and I hardly ever have unsightly wrinkles in my clothing. Of course, there are the few items in my closet that wrinkle easily and there’s not much you can do about those.

Now, let’s get into my 4 tips to instantly look more stylish. I learned a few of these as I was working for Anthropologie this past season. They’re all very easy to incorporate and I try to keep all of these things in mind everyday when I dress myself.

  • Styling Tip #1: Mix textures. This is an easy way to add more interest to your look. Below, you can see I’ve paired a lace top with a leather jacket and suede boots. Combining all of these different materials creates a pleasing look to the eye and interest to anyone admiring your outfit. Another great way to do this would be to pair a neutral lace top with a patterned pant.



Jacket – Joie (old, found on eBay) | Top – Anthro (sold out) | Jeans – Paige Verdugo | Boots – Sam Edelman Kent

  • Styling Tip #2: Strategic tuck or knot. This is an easy way to wear a top that might be slightly too long. Below, I’ve knotted this tee shirt which instantly adds something interesting to an otherwise boring piece of clothing. Another tip, don’t limit yourself to knotting clothing. I’m wearing a long infinity necklace and I’ve found my favorite way to wear it is to knot it.

Tee – Anthro | Necklace – Cristabelle, similar | Skirt – Windsor | Shoes – Bamboo

  • Styling Tip #3: Belts, belts, belts! This may be my favorite tip of them all. Belts help define your waist while giving you an excuse to wear a beautiful accessory. I’ve shown you what a difference adding a belt can make in the photos below. Before the belt was added, my waist wasn’t visible which isn’t very slimming. When I added the belt, three things happened: another texture was introduced, my waist was defined, and it created a really interesting hemline on the cardigan. You can use belts for all kinds of things. Play around in your wardrobe and try belting a scarf, a lightweight jacket, or a billowy blouse. The only thing to keep in mind is the width of your belt. The taller you are or the longer torso you have, the wider belt your body can handle. Petite women should stick to thinner belts for a flattering look.

Cardigan – Forever 21 (I love it so much I bought 2 colors!) | Pants – Lovers + Friends | Necklace – Anthro, old | Belt – Anthro, old, similar

  • Styling Tip #4: Add an accessory pop. If you’re looking at your outfit and you think it needs a little something to add interest, this is where you can add a statement accessory to pull the whole look together. Think anything from a hat, a statement necklace, eye catching earrings, or a killer cuff bracelet. This is my favorite way to wear simple basics while still looking stylish.

Hat – Rag & Bone | Top – Express | Jeans – Current/Elliott | Booties – Jeffrey Campbell

Hopefully this post will help you all look a little more stylish everyday. Thanks for stopping by!


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