Hello ladies! In today’s beauty post, I’ll be talking about color correcting, concealing dark circles (or other darkness), and how to prevent creasing under your eye.

While I admittedly don’t have very bad dark circles, I do have melasma and other dark spots on my skin. These concealing techniques work really well on dark circles as well as any other darkness on your skin. This video only talks about concealing, but I want to chat a little bit here about what you can do to prevent dark circles and puffiness from happening.

  1. Get enough sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your body. If this isn’t possible, consider eye gels. They make such a difference to relieve puffiness.
  2. Make sure you aren’t experiencing an allergy. Any nasal congestion can aggravate dark circles.
  3. Do something to de-stress. Stress will inevitably show up physically in one way or another. It’s important to take steps to de-stress when you need to.
  4. Consider your iron levels. Iron deficiencies are very common in women and when researching this topic I didn’t realize that an iron deficiency can prevent the tissues under your eyes from getting enough oxygen.
  5. Consider your lifestyle. A heavy amount of smoking and drinking can contribute to dark circles.
  6. Consider your diet. A high sodium diet causes a lot of fluid retention all throughout your body, including under your eyes. I can always see bags under my eyes after a night of mexican or fast food. Sleeping with your head elevated will prevent the fluid retention under your eyes.

For the more difficult dark circles, these may be hereditary, a result of eczema, or a result of aging. There are also surgical procedures you can have done to get rid of the dark circles and under eye bags. If you’re considering this route, I highly recommend researching any of the procedures on www.realself.com. There is a tremendous amount of information on that site and it’s filled with people explaining their experiences.

Ok enough with all of that, let’s get into the video to see how to conceal those dark circles!



I hope this video was helpful for you guys! Thanks for watching!

Melissa ♥

8 thoughts on “How To Cover Dark Circles and Prevent Creasing”

    1. Haha I feel your pain. Mine get really bad sometimes when I don’t sleep enough and eat really badly!! lol

  1. Great tutorial. I’ll definitely be trying your tips! I have genetic dark circles, so no amount of sleep will get rid of them. 🙂 I have fine lines under my eyes as well, so it’s so hard to prevent creasing.

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