Welcome back ladies! Yesterday I went to have lash tinting done and I documented the whole thing! I went to a salon near me called Salon D’Shayn and all the ladies there were so wonderful! I’d definitely recommend this place if you’re in the Phoenix area.

Now onto the procedure: the first thing they do is clean off any makeup around the eye area. They just do this with a little makeup remover and a cotton pad. I went in with just tinted moisturizer on so this step didn’t take any time. Next, she mixed up the dye. They used this RefectoCil cream hair dye and she mixed it up with the activator in a little pot that you can see below.

Next, she added a little moisturizer under my eye to help the eye pads stay in place. These eye pads prevented a lot of the dye from getting on my skin and taped down the lower eyelashes. Then she painted the dye onto my lashes with a q-tip.

She took the dye all the way up to my lash line trying not to get any on my lids. A little bit did get on there, but it comes off within a day or two. The dye is made to come off skin very quickly. I had to sit there with the dye on my lashes for 20 minutes and I had to keep my eyes closed!

She continually warned me about the possibility of a burning sensation from the dye, but honestly it was very very mild. Nothing concerning. Once the 20 minutes were up, she came in and slowly removed all the dye with water and a q-tip. As a final step, she cleaned up my eye area and the lashes with a cotton pad and water. I slowly fluttered my eyes opened and the procedure was done! She warned that the burning would be the worst when I opened my eyes, but I felt nothing. Everything was fine. It could have been due to the fact I was wearing contacts.

The results:

You can definitely tell my lashes are darker and they’re a little bit more noticeable without makeup. The great thing about this is that the dye never fades, it will be this dark until your lashes naturally fall out, usually between two and three weeks. I think it gives my eyes a little something extra for the days when I don’t wear makeup, but it doesn’t take away the need for mascara. Mascara will always thicken and lengthen more than dye ever could. If I was to do this again, I would try the option where they curl your lashes as well. The curling would have a better eye-opening effect, but unfortunately it wasn’t offered at this salon.

Here is a full-face image to give you the full effect. I’m not wearing any makeup in this photo except a little concealer under my eye where a small amount of dye got on my skin. You can see it’s not a dramatic difference but it does give a little something extra. The service only cost me $30 so it’s definitely not expensive, but for me personally I don’t think it’s worth it to keep getting this done. I wear makeup most days and the difference for no makeup is minimal. If you wear makeup a lot less often, you might find this is a great option for you. You would probably get better results the thicker your natural lashes are. Mine are pretty thin!

Have you guys ever tried lash tinting or perming? Let me know in the comments, I want to hear about your experiences!

Side note: I also got the prettiest manicure from Stephanye at the salon!

I hope this post was helpful for you guys! Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Lash Tinting: Is It Worth It?”

  1. I own a salon in Florida and we tint lashes all the time. It’s great if you don’t want to wear mascara all the time. People that boat a lot or go to the beach love it!!!
    Try it!!!

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