Jimmy Nelson Pitching
Hubby doing his thing


Spring Training is officially in full swing! Jimmy made his first Spring Training start today and it went well! The Brewers played the Angels over at their field in Tempe. I still haven’t made it over to the Brewers field this spring training so hopefully he pitches at home soon!

From here on out, the players only have three days off the rest of spring training. Now that the games have started, their days tend to be a lot longer. This means lots of early mornings and early bedtimes. I usually only go to the games when Jimmy pitches and he’s a starter so that’s normally every 5 games. I always forget how much I enjoy the games!

It’s definitely a little bit stressful to watch your guy pitch, but the environment and the energy is still exciting. Plus I usually see some of the girls there, too! With all of us there supporting our guys, the games usually become somewhat of a social event. Spring training is the time where we all get to reconnect and catch up with each other.

There’s a little less than a month left of spring training and I feel like I still have so much to do! Hiking a few trails is definitely on the to-do list and hitting up my favorite spot, Shake Shack (omg so good) is a necessity!


Hope you all have a great weekend!

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