Any time Shopbop has a sale it’s always the best time to invest in a piece you’ve been wanting for a long time. Todays’ sale is 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500. And it includes sale items! Below are my picks and it’s hard to decide what I’ll order today! I recently bought this top and it fits like a glove. I’ve been wanting this¬†camo jacket¬†for the longest time and 20% off the sale price makes it about $80! I’ve never tried this brand of shorts but they have great reviews and it’s the cut I’ve been looking for! If you’re wanting to spend a little more, these booties have been on my wishlist as long as I can remember. They’re right at $495 so if you added something small you’d get nearly $100 off!

Let me know what you pick up!

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