5 Ways To Shop Smarter. Photo Cred: Ikea
Photo: Ikea

This post is all about how to shop smarter. I’m now in my late 20’s and I can see a very distinct difference in the way I shop now versus when I was younger. I’ve honed in on my personal style and keep this aesthetic in mind every time I shop. Pinterest has helped a ton and so books, articles, and blog posts I’ve read on the subject. Here, I wanted to consolidate what I’ve learned and share my tips on how to shop smarter.

  1. Versatility. When you are thinking of buying something, ask yourself a few questions. Does this fit into my style? Can I wear this with multiple pieces? Can I layer it? Can I wear it in multiple seasons? Where can I wear it? Can I dress it up or down? I impulsively purchased a hot pink jumpsuit a few months ago, loving it for the fit. I was a little weary of the color, but thought I could try it. When I put it into my closet, I immediately knew I had made a mistake. It stuck out like a sore thumb against all the neutral and muted tones in my closet. Needless to say, I returned it and took this as a learning experience. While the fit may have been perfect, it just didn’t fit my look.
  2. Quality. Sure those Express heels are really cheap and cute, but are they going to look good after multiple wears? Do they look cheap? No matter your budget, you can find quality items. Pay attention to fabric, fragility, sewing quality, and shoe construction. Sam Edelman and Dolce Vita are two brands I’ve found that are always really good quality shoes at a decent price. For fabrics, I love anything silk and anything with a little cashmere, but try to stay away from polyester. Denim that’s 100% cotton always gets better the more it’s worn in.
  3. Replaceable. Is this an item that you will likely replace with a better version at some point? I’ve had my fair share of purchases that a season or two later I end up looking for the same thing at better quality. At times it’s worth it to spend more money on something that you’ll keep and hold onto for years versus something you’ll want to upgrade in a year. This leads me right into my next point:
  4. Closet clean out. I clean out and take inventory of my closet multiple times a year. After each clean out, it’s most helpful for me to look at what’s left. I’ve almost completely stopped shopping at Forever 21 since the items never make it more than 2-3 clean outs. The pieces that stay are denim, jackets, tops of high quality fabric, and comfortable heels. Closet clean outs not only help me realize my true style, they make me aware of any holes in my wardrobe. When summer came this year, I realized I only had 2 short sleeved blouses. That helped me focus my shopping on short sleeved tops I could throw on in the spring/summer.
  5. Excitement. This point might be a surprise to you, but I think it’s important to acknowledge when you’re really excited about a piece. It may be the fit, the color, the pattern, or anything else, but this excitement is what makes clothes so much fun! You know you’ll wear it if you’re excited about it. Just remember to be mindful and recognize when an impulse isn’t the smartest decision. After honing in on your style and pieces that will last you a long time, you’ll begin to get excited about finding pieces that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

This is all still a work in progress and I’m definitely guilty of still making poor purchases. But they are becoming few and farther between and I can truly say I’m proud of my wardrobe. If you are still struggling with finding your style, I definitely recommend this book. All that being said, I’ve linked below my current wishlist to give you an idea of pieces that stand out to me!


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6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Shop Smarter”

  1. Good post, I especially like the cleaning out your closet part. It is necessary to donate items you don’t wear or fit and then see what you have so you can purchase just what you need and see what compliments your current wardrobe.

  2. These are terrific suggestions! I am due for a closet clean out soon myself, and I really want to be extra judicious in what I keep this time! Streamline streamline streamline!

  3. First off, oh my the closet envy of that Ikea closet is so real! Organization skills are on point! I agree, being in my late 20s, I’m shopping way differently, not only for clothes but for groceries/furniture as well. Versatility is my biggest factor! I want it to be something that will go with all the seasons and different occasions!


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